Drowning in Spam?

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You don't have to put up with that. There is a better way. Without extra equipment or software licenses. Without the constant "tuning" effort that even a lot of enterprise class antispam requires.

Spammers don't want you to know this, and ordinary antispam vendors certainly don't want you to know this.

What Can I Do?

All you need is to reroute your domain's email through a special gateway, which only take a few minutes to do. You can try it for 30 days free--no strings attached. If you like it, the cost for a small shop (say, 5 email accounts on your domain) is less than you would spend taking someone to dinner once a month--at a modest restaurant, not a fancy one. If your business is larger, it's less expensive than other enterprise class antispam and antivirus services. But the key is... it's more accurate! Typically more than 95% accurate. Pay less, and get something that really works!

That's what makes this better than the others. Spam hardly ever gets through. Viruses are blocked. But legitimate messages almost never get mistakenly blocked. On the rare occasions when a real message does get blocked, it takes just a couple of minutes for you to tell the system that you want to get that one, and messages like it in the future.

Try it free for 30 days, no strings attached. If you like it, there's no long term commitment to sign, just month to month service.

Free Trial With No Strings Attached
Demonstrations can be done over the Internet so you can see how this is working for real customers, and can see how easy and flexible it is. You will not be asked for credit card or bank information to start your 30 day free trial.

Is There More?

As a bonus, you get disaster redundancy for your email at no extra charge. Nobody else will offer you all this--top of the line antispam and antivirus filtering, disaster protection for your email, and lower prices than you would pay for less service elsewhere.

And you won't outgrow this. One of the largest companies using this service has more than 40,000 email accounts. You can get the same top quality service as the "big guys," and stay with it as you grow.

Contact us for a demonstration or for your no strings attached 30 day free trial.

Do it today, before you drown in the spam.


Users Monthly (USD)
1 to 5$20
6 to 12$3.50/user
13 to 33$2.75/user
34 to 55$2.35/user
56 to 100$2.25/user
101 to 400$2.00/user
401 to 650$1.90/user
651 to 1000$1.75/user
1001 and upAsk for quote

To sign up an educational institution, please request a custom quote so we can give you an academic discount. We'll need to know how many student and faculty email accounts will be covered, and the average total number of email messages received per day.

Normally, additional domains cost $10/month. We will be glad to provide a custom quote if you want to include several additional domains, so the additional domains will not cost you so much.

We can also scan outbound email for $1.00 per user per month (minimum $10/month). To do this, we must deploy outbound scanning for all your users, not just selected ones. You can use this service to help guard against inadvertent sending of confidential or proprietary information.

For our highest level of email disaster protection, we will be glad to add email continuity for an annual fee of $18.00 per user (minimum 10 users). Email continuity allows access to your email via web browser throughout any outage at your email server, instead of disaster redundancy (which is simply keeping email safe during the emergency and sending it to your server when the outage ends). We can deploy email continuity on an emergency basis for a setup cost of $150.00.

If you have a special situation, please let us know. We have always been able to tailor special discounted packages for clients with special circumstances.