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Using Computers and Technology

  • AntiSpam Etc - Email Safeguards In A Nutshell.  When email is only a way of exchanging notes with friends and family, running inexpensive antivirus software is usually enough. But when email is routinely used for communication with your customers, employees, staff, students, vendors, and so on... it doesn't take a genius to realize that your email needs more protection. You would be in a pickle if your email disappeared or became untrustworthy. What kinds of protection can you get for it? How much does it cost, how does it work, and how well does it work?
  • The First Step to a Successful Computer Project - Put Fashion in the Back Seat.  To survive, your company needs a step-change improvement in its efficiency and productivity. Top management decided upgrading the computer system is the ticket to that improvement and you are in charge of it. The big boss says to get the latest and greatest. Should you start by looking up reviews and ratings to find out which hardware and software are the best? Sure, if you want an expensive failure!
  • Choose the Right Platform for Your Mission Critical Computer and Software System.  Do you need to build a mission critical computer system for your business? Are you starting with a blank slate, so the first thing you have to ask your technical team is what platform and tools to use? For well designed, well built software, you can reasonably expect about 20% of its lifetime cost to go into creating it. About 80% of the cost is maintenance and enhancement. By making robust, highly maintainable choices for your foundations and tools, you can reduce the lifetime cost of the system substantially--and minimize your headaches!

For Small Businesses

  • With a Charity in Dire Straits  In tough times, donations to nonprofit charities drop. You may be uneasy about doing business with a charity that is financially stretched. So don't do business with it. Give it something instead, and gain priceless public relations as well as a tax deduction--do well by doing good!
  • Before You Advertise, You Need to Be News.  When you put together your marketing, don't limit yourself to running paid advertisements, offering coupons, or any other expensively beautiful marketing methods. First, you need to be news!

International Business

  • International Duh Moments - Is This a Payment?  When you do business internationally, there are ways of paying that you might never have heard of when doing business solely in the USA. Some methods require extending credit. Pursuing payment when something goes wrong is more difficult than when you are entirely in the States, too. Avoiding payment problems is far better than needing to resolve such problems across a combination of distance, different legal systems, and in some instances political or economic issues--so how to pay or be paid becomes a crucial choice as soon as you begin doing business across borders.
  • Currency Exchange Gotcha?  Even a very small firm can do business across geopolitical boundaries--and that means variations in currency exchange rates can catch you flat-footed. How to protect yourself depends upon how you do business.