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Does your business use computer systems to make money instead of just count it? That is our strong suit. We want to help you make more money with your systems. Our typical engagements increase our customers’ bottom line by more than the cost of our services. We like being more of an investment than an expense.

Software specifications are not the right place to start. We start by finding out what your business does, and what you want it to do. Then we help you get there.


One of our manufacturing clients was told by its process control vendor that when it spins nylon on only one side of a winding position, it must always do so on the left. When the left winder breaks, the position must produce waste until the winder is repaired. We modified the vendor's process control system so operators can switch to the right side and continue producing good product while the left side is down.

This was one part of a project in which we had the pivotal role. The result? Dramatically improved efficiency, and reduction of the delay to ship product from 2 days to 2 hours.

Typical Systems

Much of our work is with realtime, near-realtime and transaction processing for applications such as SCADA and SS7 telephony. These are large custom systems demanding 24x7 uptime for purposes that include:

  • process control systems for manufacturers

  • packing systems for the factory floor

  • large telecom systems such as call routing, and remote line testing

  • technician dispatch

  • We work primarily on OpenVMS, Windows NT/2000/2003 and UNIX platforms. In addition to working with Microsoft SQL Server, we also work with various proprietary database systems, particularly realtime in-memory databases. For example, we are especially expert with Aspen Technology InfoPlus.21, including the 1st Quality extension and the SIS customisation for spinning systems (a rare skillset). Because we specialize in working with large complex systems, we are accustomed to working closely with a customer's team.

    Range of Services

    Technical services range from analysis through deployment, and include documentation, support and training. We are known for our troubleshooting and support abilities. We performed the pre-release failure mode analysis for a national SS7 telephone call routing system, from which we built a database that a national network operations center uses for diagnosis, repair, and impact assessment when problems arise.

    Technical service is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Sometimes the best solution is not new or different software. Sometimes it is a combination of improved human workflow and computer systems well fitted to the workflow. We "workshop" with your people to analyse workflow, and start from there. We understand business, not just computers.

    We have work experience in various countries in North American and western Europe.

    Our goal is always to help our customers make more money. Let us do that for you!