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When you engage Seneschal for a technical or partly-technical project, you may get someone hand picked by me. But business advisor and consulting services always personally involve me and are frequently done entirely by me. On our pay-for-performance plan, we charge no up-front fee. You pay us out of any increase in your profits that results from our services. I want to be sure we provide very good service indeed!

You may want to know a little about me. I worked in the oilfield and on Space Shuttle communication systems before moving on to process control, telecom, and pharmaceuticals. All of these are demanding fields where the smallest lapse can have catastrophic consequences. Excellence, diligence and creative problem solving are absolutely necessary. Anything less could get somebody hurt.

There are a couple of other details you'll want to know. Technical consulting is not the only kind of business I do.

In my mid-twenties, I was a leader in the board of directors that pulled a national non-profit back from the financial brink. If you think it's hard to straighten out a business in trouble, try it with a non-profit: few assets, dependent on donations for most income, and run mainly by volunteers. You can't use pay, promotions or pink slips to motivate volunteers. You can't hire replacements for weak personnel--you need all the volunteers. Some of them are amazing. Others have more good intentions than skills. Whatever they can do, that's what you work with. I learned more there, faster, than anywhere else.

I own consulting firms in the USA and UK. I own half of a property management firm that doubled its revenue and units under management from 2007 to 2008, and continues to grow rapidly. I also deal in residential and commercial rental real estate, and own part of a restaurant.

Other Possibilities

I am always interested in good business opportunities. It doesn't have to be an addition to my portfolio. Helping someone else succeed feels great. So yes, if you are looking for a director or have a crucial interim need, I could be interested--or I may be able to introduce you to someone else ideally suited for your needs.

Integrity Counts

Seneschal was a member of the Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA) for ten years when ICCA closed at the end of 2009. We continue to honor the ICCA Code of Ethics. I was personally active in the organization. I edited the book ICCA published in 2009 by top IT consultants, about how to become a top IT consultant. You can get the book from Amazon.

I can put my ethical stance very simply. Where I come from, we say What goes around, comes around. I want good things to come back around to me, so that's what I like to spread.

Samples of My Articles

Some of the business articles I publish are available for reprinting. Click the EzineArticles icon below to see them. Bear in mind that these are free of charge. Clients get a heck of a lot more.

With regards,
Bonnie D. Huval

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